Welcome to the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) of the Society of Interventional Radiology! If you were at this year’s annual scientific meeting in San Diego, you undoubtedly caught a glimpse of all that makes this specialty so great—the elegant, yet minimally invasive procedures, the innovation, and IR’s broad and growing scope of practice, just to name a few. More exciting was seeing how IR, as the newest primary specialty in medicine, is resonating with trainees at every level. With a record of nearly 700 trainees at the meeting, we are increasingly recruiting those that want to practice interventional radiology in the way that Drs. Charles Dotter, Barry Katzen and many others have envisioned.

However, for this clinical transformation to be complete, it will require a concerted effort by all trainees to embrace additional, rigorous clinical training as well their new role in medicine as primary physicians for their patients. In other words, pursuing interventional radiology today mandates each of us become disease experts and practice longitudinal patient care.

To facilitate this transformation, the RFS has worked over the past three years on three core principles: clinical education, resident and medical student outreach, and recruitment of those that embrace the clinical paradigm of interventional radiology. This website is the latest manifestation of our efforts and one that we hope provides value to anyone interested in learning more about IR. Whether you want to listen to one of the many webinars hosted by the RFS, browse through our feature case series, or even see what your colleagues at other institutions are doing, please feel free to browse and revisit frequently as we continually update and add content. And because this is a work in progress, please provide us any feedback you may have.

In the mean time, I encourage every interested resident and medical student to get actively involved with the RFS. You can contact us directly at sirrfs@gmail.com with any questions and add yourself to our list serve by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab on the RFS website’s home page. For medical students, I encourage you all to become members of SIR for FREE by filling out this brief application. In addition to receiving free access to a multitude of resources, it will allow us to get you the most up-to-date information regarding the IR residency.

Thank you again for visiting and please be in touch!

Best regards,

Alok Bhatt, MD
Chair- Society of Interventional Radiology, Resident and Fellow Section

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