The SIR RFS Section is working with JVIR to further provide resources for interventional radiologists:

Podcasts – Interviews and discussion with the authors of select articles each month. This year will also feature production of dozens of podcasts from the SIR annual meeting, to be released in March and April, 2015. Available on the iTunes store and at – Article summaries and commentary that contextualize feature articles each month. Includes a forum to submit your comments and questions directly to authors and leaders in the field.

Twitter – Join over 3,000 others and follow along @JVIRmedia for news and updates, as well as key points from a selection of monthly articles. Make sure to use the interventional radiology hashtag #Irad for related tweets.

Instagram – Provides pictorial summaries of JVIR manuscripts with broad appeal to a range of viewers. Tag @JVIRmedia with your challenging cases and problem-solving techniques.

LinkedIN and Facebook – JVIR pages on LinkedIn and Facebook provide a forum for discussion on a range of JVIR content.

Youtube channel – The JVIR media youtube channel includes a selection of clinically-oriented videos produced by the SIR resident-fellows section, JVIR Vodcasts, and select lectures from recent SIR annual meetings. Also see our selection of recent Vodcasts on the JVIR homepage – Our dedicated ablation site with review videos from leading experts, an archive of pertinent JVIR ablation articles, and illustrative case reports. Visit the site to provide your input on challenging cases and submit your interesting ablation case reports.

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