Hello interventional radiology trainees! My name is Dave Tabriz, your 2015-16 Resident, Fellow, & Student (RFS) Section Chair, and I am honored to further the RFS mission. I am taking over for Alok Bhatt, who has continued an amazing run the RFS has had the past few years. Our efforts have increased SIR trainee membership and active involvement, with many complimentary remarks from the SIR Executive Council and SIR Foundation Board!

I invite you to email me (dr.dave.tabriz@gmail.com) anytime. My 2015-16 RFS Chair Initiatives a) focus on our RFS mission statement  and b) aims to increase active RFS member engagement. The strength of the RFS resides in its motivated members remaining active in projects they are passionate about. Examples of successful projects in the past that continue a legacy include the annual meeting pathways, RFS webpage, In-Training seasonal newsletter, case-series, and the forthcoming Survival Guides and Journal Primers. As an official SIR section, the RFS has its own service lines encompassing the crux of interventional therapies (vascular disease, interventional oncology, GI/GU/Reproductive, pediatrics, neurovascular, and pain management). Not surprising, the ACGME’s approval of IR as a unique specialty and forthcoming  IR residencies remain an important item that the RFS is actively engaged in. In specific, the 2015-16 goals that I hope you partake in and look forward to keeping you informed of include:

Sustainable RFS projects

The RFS is actively expanding on projects that need enthusiastic trainee support. These include but are not limited to project collaborations with JVIR, political advocacy programs with SIRPAC, reviving the Women in IR Committee, and strengthening our relationships with the SIR service lines.

IR Residency

The IR Residency is now a reality, with the ACGME program application now available. For successful residencies, collaboration between current diagnostic radiology residency and interventional radiology fellowship program directors is essential. Starting with the governing council, we will prepare presentations and information to assist program directors initialize this complex but important process.

Clinical Curriculum

One of our most successful initiatives has been creating and expanding a clinical curriculum hosted on our YouTube channel; this will continue throughout 2015-16.

SIR Integration and RFS Expansion

The RFS’ recent growth in the past three years has caught the eye of the SIR, who is enthusiastic and excited to see our progress. Locally, I plan on getting more trainees involved with our SIR leaders. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with other important organizations (e.g. American College of Radiology, Canadian Interventional Radiology Association) is one newly available which I hope to foster.

If you were unable to attend the annual meeting this past March in Atlanta, we missed you. The dedicated medical student and resident/fellow training pathways did not disappoint, and continue to improve each year. The medical student curriculum highlighted the forthcoming IR residency and training programs, and the resident/fellow pathway offered its first own trainee-centric film panel and formalized its exhibit hall tour. Highlights from the meeting proper included heated debates on important economic issues with IR groups in private practice and an entertaining “Towns versus Gowns” film panel, where private practice IR docs bested their academician counterparts in a modified game of jeopardy.

Beyond the annual meeting, I want to encourage you to look into attending the International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) conference, held each year in South Florida in February/March. This high-yield symposium, running concordantly with Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO), has a plethora of clinically focused evidence-based talks on a range of interventionally-treated conditions, including neurovascular, cardiovascular, and peripheral interventions.

I’m excited to start the RFS year off and am looking forward to working with you! Again, don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns!

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