2016-17 RFS Chair’s Initiatives

I want to express a warm hello and welcome to all new and former IR trainees!

My name is Ali Alikhani, your 2016-2017 Resident, Fellow & Student (RFS) Section Chair. It is my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to work with all of you in the next year. I am currently a PGY-3, R2 at the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN.  I am taking over for Dave Tabriz, who has diligently led RFS in the past several years with his involvement not only as an amazing previous chair, but as a strong voice for RFS’ mission

We have had a very successful year with regards to recruitment and training, including resident and fellow involvement within the society, with the support of the SIR Executive Council, SIR Foundation Board and of course our RFS members.

Please feel free to email me (aalikhani26@gmail.com, and Twitter: @alialikhanimd) with any questions or concerns.

My chair initiatives:

  1. Further the RFS mission statement in promoting the clinical model of IR practice.
  2. Encourage and support our current and new members with their involvement in various RFS projects, along with promoting ideas to develop new projects. Within our eight committees and six service lines, we are involved in several different projects that are exciting and unique.
  3. Examples of some successful past projects include: A universal curriculum for several IR related clinical rotations (ICU/Surgical), clinical lecture series, FAQ section regarding the new IR Residency, IR Quarterly articles, a stronger social media presence and SIR-Connect, Figure 1 quick hits cases online, In training seasonal newsletter, case series, IR Survival Guides and Journal Primers, IR Practice Building initiatives, Advocacy/SIRPAC awareness and Congressman site visits and a stronger medical student recruitment and expanded medical student IR Interest Groups.

Some of our future goals and projects for this upcoming year include:


Continue to promote the IR Residency

This year we had our first ever, NRMP IR Residency match, with 100% of positions filled, and we are just getting started. One of our most important jobs as RFS trainee members is to further promote IR residency and prepare current and future trainees for the residency responsibilities.

The IR Clinical Model:

Several of our RFS committees, along with our attending physician advisors and a collaborative effort by our service lines have successfully created various platforms to promote the clinical model of IR amongst our trainees, and encourage and prepare our current and future trainees to develop a “Clinical” mindset, to be better, well rounded Physicians of IR, “Own disease processes” in order to fully manage a patient from A to Z, including potential complications within an IR physician’s scope of training, and also create a more transparent environment between IR physicians and other medical/surgical physicians. We’ve successfully created curriculums for medical student rotations, expanded our online presence in terms of recruitment and training on our YouTube page and case series/quick hits/FAQ/Figure 1 cases and several other platforms.

My goal is to further expand on all the above, along with promoting the creation of innovative ideas for training current and future clinical IR trainees.

New ICU Service Line and IR Practice Building Expansion

One of our newest developing projects is the creation of an ICU Service Line, along with expansion of our IR Practice Building topics and trainee headed lectures to primary care physicians on IR specific topics, which further educate our counterparts and promotes our image as “Clinicians” who fully understand disease processes.

Collaborative RFS projects:

RFS trainee members are very enthusiastic about current projects, but are also looking to expand our project scope – all with the idea of “Recruitment and Training to strengthen IR and IR Trainees”. Our arsenal include intrinsic and extrinsic RFS entities, such as JVIR project collaborations, SIR Political Action Committee awareness and education, our six exciting Service Lines and many more.

Bridging RFS with SIR Leadership

The SIR leadership is excited to see the expansion of RFS and are very supportive of our collaborative efforts. With the New IR Residency, our mission statement and exciting projects, I plan to further encourage our trainees and SIR leadership to engage in dialogue and work collaboratively to accomplish our goals and create new ones.

Advocacy and IR

Society of Interventional Radiology – Political Action Committee is an entity that advocates for IR. Although their work isn’t necessarily clinical, it is important for members to understand the importance of Advocacy in Washington D.C, and at a local level. With the capricious climate of medicine, it is important for our leadership to have a strong voice in shaping our specialty’s future, when it comes to legislation and policy.

As the former chair of the SIR-RFS Advocacy Committee, I was able to witness the importance of advocacy at state and national level, and was able to partake in Congressional office visits and set up congressman visits at my local hospital.

I plan to support our advocacy efforts to further educate trainees about important previous and upcoming legislation that will affect all of us.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

I hope to see all of you at the SIR Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC (April 2-7). Be sure to come to our RFS Assembly on Sunday, 4/3/16 at 5PM. http://www.sirmeeting.org/

I am excited to meet you at the meeting and future events – in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, question or concerns.



Ali Alikhani

Resident, Fellow & Student (RFS) Section Chair

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