Janice M. Newsome MD

Short Bio:

Dr. Janice Newsome grew up in Jamaica.  While she had few possessions as a child, Dr. Newsome was blessed with a strong mind and a desire to help others. When she was a teenager, Dr. Newsome migrated to Brooklyn, New York to complete her education.  After high school, Dr. Newsome completed a BS/MD program at City University of New York and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  After medical school, Dr. Newsome completed her residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the Medical College of Virginia.  Following the completion of her residency, Dr. Newsome completed a fellowship in Interventional Radiology at the prestigious Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute.   

Dr. Newsome is a wife, a mother, and has board certification in Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology.  Prior to joining the faculty at Emory University School of Medicine in July 2015, Dr. Newsome was in private practice in Virginia for fifteen years.  While she enjoyed the private practice of radiology, Dr. Newsome has had a burning desire to teach since she was a young child in Jamaica.  

Dr. Newsome is the Division Director of Interventional Radiology at Emory University Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences. She also served as Associate Program Director for the Interventional Radiology ACGME Fellowship as well as the new training program for Interventional Radiology Residency.   She is very active in the Society of Interventional Radiology and recently became Chair of the International Education Exchange Committee.

Dr. Newsome is not just a clinician; she is also an educator, an innovator, and one who lives to serve others.  Dr Newsome has a passion for women’s health, global health, and a long-standing interest in developing innovative approaches to treating complex medical conditions. Dr. Newsome believes that there are no limits to what a person can accomplish so long as he or she is willing to work hard and help others. 

“There is a collective inquisitiveness among those who work in our specialty. I tell medical students that if you go and spend time with any interventional radiologist, you will find authenticity and you will find people who really love their jobs. Sure, it can be demanding, but the rewards are immense”

– Dr. Newsome