Active RFS Member Resources

This page provides active RFS Members with information on fulfilling tasks. If you’re interested in becoming an active RFS member, go here.  If you are an active RFS member and want access to these tutorials, contact your committee or service line head for the password(s).

How to submit an article for the webpage, RFS eNewsletter, IR Quarterly, etc.

How to create a GoToMeeting event for monthly committee or service line meetings
There is no need to submit a request to create an online meeting (see below) for committee or service line meetings.

How to submit a request to create a Webinar, Journal Club, or other online event
Ideally this tutorial should be used at least 4 weeks ahead of an events to allow adequate advertising.

How to submit a proposal for a new RFS Webpage Page or Post

Case Series Case Upload
This tutorial goes through the process of editing/finalizing a submitted case for the “Case of the Month”, uploading the document to the SIR RFS Scribd account, and then embedding/posting the case to the RFS Webpage.


For Communications Committee Leadership:

Adding Members to the RFS Google Group

Posting Articles to the Website

Creating the eNewsletter

GoToWebinar Setup Instructions

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