Resident & Fellow Committees

Mission | To promote the growth and development of IR via the following initiatives:

  • Member recruitment and application processing
  • Match applicants to Committees and Service Lines
  • RFS Classes – familiarize new members with RFS
  • Collaborate with the Women in IR Committee to promote diversity
  • Collaborate with SIR and SARC to develop a universal curriculum to serve as a national model
  • Increase clinical focus on: stroke care, DVT, and CLI
  • Wound Care Clinic Competition

Mission | To organize, coordinate, and advertise RFS activities

  • Quarterly In-Training E-Newsletter with the Medical Student Council Communications Committee
  • JVIR E-Bulletin – short content-specific supplements to JVIR publications in print
  • YouTube Channel Maintenance
  • Webinar & Journal Club Coordination
  • In-Training Listserv Maintenance & Event Advertising

Mission | To collect and publish educational materials

  • Journal Primers – quick review/summary of salient journal articles
  • Survival Guides – concise guides on the most commonly performed IR procedures
  • Collaborate with the Communications Committee to produce educational webinars
  • Featured Cases – collected each year for our annual Case Competition at the SIR Annual Meeting
  • Research Lecture Series

Mission | To oversee 7 service lines that work with the clinical education committee to produce education content related to different areas of IR practice

  • Service lines: vascular diseases, IO, peds IR, neuro IR, pain management, GI/GU/reproductive IR, and critical care
  • Coordinate creation of Webinars, Survival Guides, and Journal Primers
  • Maintain web presence ranging from creating and updating Wikipedia pages, to posting on Student Doctor and Aunt Minnie.
  • Clinical Discussions on SIR Connect
  • Collaborate with SIR’s Communications Department to videotape patient stories regarding their experience with an IR procedures

Mission | To provide resources regarding training pathways, promoting the development of clinically oriented curricula

  • Created Residency Application Advice page
  • Create a universal curriculum for several IR-related rotations such as vascular surgery, surgical oncology, transplant, hepatology, medical oncology, ICU, nephrology, and OB/GYN
  • Create a pre-rotation online module to best prepare trainees for their first IR rotation
  • Plan to create guidebook detailing various IR/DR curricula, requirements, and common questions
  • The Chair of this Committee can be contacted at

Mission | To promote political advocacy and knowledge of health policy and economics

  • Promote IR to political leaders and candidates via various grassroots programs. Follow us on Twitter at @IRAdvocacyRFS and get involved!
  • Participate in the SIR Grassroots Leadership Program in Washington DC.
  • Collaborating with SIRPAC to encourage the reallocation of historically funded but unused residency positions for the new IR residencies

Mission | To promote the training and professional development of trainees interest in research

  • Create programs to support medical students, residents, and fellows involved in medical research
  • Provide resources to learn how to design a study, acquire funding, and compose quality publications
  • Establish a community for future clinician-scientists in IR

Mission | To inspire, educate, and promote women in IR

  • Promote diversity in IR
  • Increase awareness of unique issues faced by women in IR
  • Establish a supportive community for women interest in IR via mentorship, networking events, and recruitment
  • Increase social media presence to inspire and attract more women to IR
The WIR Committee can be contacted at

Mission | To increase international collaboration and awareness of programs abroad

  • Identify, communicate, and learn from best practices that international and US IR programs are using to engage, educate and integrate medical students and junior residents early in their training.
  • Create an online resource to help international medical graduates to navigate the residency application process
  • Create a centralized hub for international aid projects focusing on IR outreach
  • Advocate for international medical graduates within SIR and RFS
  • Expand RFS presence at foreign meetings.

Service Lines

Service LineChair
PainXin Li
PediatricsAnne Sailer
Interventional OncologyNicholas Pigg


Jacob Fleming
Anderson Webb

Vascular Diseases

Michael Liu
Erik Yannone


Enio Perez
Jimmy Epps

Critical Care

Vik Bhatnagar
Dinh-Huy Nguyen

Medical Students

Rayan Abboud
Siddhant Thukral (Reserves)

Medical Student Committees

Mission | To organize, coordinate, and advertise MSC activities

  • Quarterly In-Training E-Newsletter
  • Help oversee Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as a presence on Auntie Minnie and Student Doctor Network
  • Update Away Rotation spreadsheet resource

Mission | To develop and promote resources related to medical device development

  • Webinars on biodesign
  • Hackathon series
  • Provide biodesign opportunities at local symposia

Mission | To create resources to support medical student IR education

  • Common IR procedure videos
  • Create IR lecture series for medical students
  • Sound of IR Podcast

Mission | To support medical student research and education of advances in IR

  • Future of IR articles
  • Research spotlight articles
  • Compilation of summer and year-long research programs
  • Create a guide for getting involved in research as a student

Mission | To support and promote awareness of IR interest groups

  • Encourage the creation of IR Inerest Groups
  • Increase the number of local symposia for medical students
  • Update IRIG map and upcoming symposia table
  • Maintain guide for the creation of a new IR Interest Group

Mission | To promote a humanistic approach to IR

  • Collect patient narratives and videos related to common IR procedures
  • Promote and develop an emerging new professional identity within IR
  • Create webinars and articles related to humanism in IR

Mission | To promote and increase diversity within IR for trainees as well as patients from underserved populations

  • Promote diversity of trainees entering the field of Interventional Radiology
  • Provide IR outreach initiatives & contribute to patient advocacy within underserved patient populations
  • Collaborate with and support the efforts of the IR faculty-led D&I Advisory Group and SIR Recruitment Committee

Last updated 8/16/20