Weightless Lead

This is the story of an inventor who built a lead shield that hangs from overhead. It is a story of someone working with limited resources and little help, motivated by necessity, and achieving unconventional success. And it all started in the interventional suite when Dr. Chet Rees developed back pain.

IVC Filters: From the Oil Field to the Operating Table

When you see an image of an oil rig floating in the ocean, what do you think of? The scent of crude oil weighing heavily in the breeze, or maybe the gasoline you pump into your car? How about inferior vena cava filters? The oil industry doesn’t seem like the best place to look for an answer to how to make a better filter for thrombotic blood—believe it or not, that’s where the inspiration came from.

The medical student guide to the updated SIR guidelines for managing thrombotic and bleeding risk in IR patients

Sanjog Singh MS4, University of New Mexico School of Medicine Chris Gutjahr, Assistant Professor in Interventional Radiology, University of New Mexico School of Medicine  Even the newest of IR trainees quickly come to realize that the prevention and management of bleeding is an incredibly important consideration for any image-guided intervention. Read more…