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HR. 1167 and What It Means To You?

By Karan Patel, MD/MPH, PGY5/R4, Wayne State University, SIR-RFS Advocacy Committee Chair
Interventional Radiology (IR) is modern medicine at its finest and is paving the way to the future of personalized medicine. An Interventionalist assesses every clinical scenario in the context of the patient’s unique anatomy & physiology and subsequently tailors the treatment based on what the patient needs. By utilizing advanced imaging technologies such as (US, CTs, fluoroscopy, and MRIs)…

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Interventional Radiology Outreach Program (IROP) – An Initiative to Increase Diversity within the Specialty

By Mario Cedillo, M.D, PGY-2, Mount Sinai Hospital
To ensure the future success of Interventional Radiology (IR), we must promote and facilitate diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity to enhance thoughtful and innovative ideas, reduce unconscious bias, and to more effectively treat our increasingly diverse patient population. Under-represented Minorities in Medicine (URM) are characterized as Black, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan natives, and native…

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IR Training in China

Authors: Liang Ge, Jian Lu, Chu-Hui Zeng Interviewer: Patrick Lee Editors: Justin Guan, Marco Ertreo China’s fast-paced economic growth has fueled a scientific renaissance in the country with an increasing presence in the world of Interventional Radiology (IR) (1). This presence can be felt in the United States as well, with Read more…