Clinical Rotation Goals and Guidelines

Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery Rotation

Today, more than ever, Interventional Radiologists need a solid foundation in vascular disease. To provide patients with optimal care to treat patients with vascular disease. It is imperative that new-­‐generation, clinical interventional radiology trainees learn in the ins-­‐and-­‐outs of diagnosing, managing, and treating peripheral vascular disease. The following document was put together to provide a list of goals that an IR trainee should meet while rotating through their vascular surgery rotation. This can also be viewed as a compendium of goals that a young IR physician should have mastery of before even considering entering the vascular disease playing-­‐ field. Anything less than mastery will only lead to suboptimal patient care and poor patient outcomes. We hope this will provide you a starting point.


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