RFS Online Event Setup (e.g. Webinar, Journal Club, Online meeting)

Are you an active RFS member looking to help setup a webinar for our continuously growing curriculum? Here’s the place to start.

1) Check the continuously updated SIR RFS Calendar to see upcoming webinars and to check to see if the date(s) you planned on hosting your webinar are available.

2) Email sirrfs@gmail.com with potential date(s) that you want to host your webinar. Ideally this will be done at least 3-4 weeks in advance so we can advertise your webinar as much as possible. You’ll receive confirmation if the date(s) you request are available in 1-2 days. An example message: “Hey, I’m Brandon from the Vascular Disease Service Line. I was thinking of setting up a webinar the last two weeks of April. Are they open? Any conflicts?”

3) After receiving confirmation from sirrfs@gmail.com and your webinar presenter(s), fill out this form with webinar details. THE WEBINAR CANNOT BE MADE UNTIL THIS FORM IS FILLED OUT!

4) Finally, in order for us to record the webinar, the speaker needs to provide permission. An email template has been made for you to personalize and send to the presenter available here.

Questions? Comments? Email sirrfs@gmail.com


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