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Rotating through interventional radiology as a medical student is important to see if this is the right field for you – and we hope it is! To make the most of your IR experience at your home institution and/or while on an away rotation, utilize the following IR Rotation Survival Guide. This survival guide is designed to help you succeed on your rotations, and is divided into 3 components: Frequently Asked Questions, Rotation Resources, and Site-Specific Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

A compiled collection of frequently asked questions regarding IR rotations, covering both away rotations, and doing rotations at your home institution.

Rotation Resources

A listing of resources that will generally be useful for any medical student on an IR rotation (regardless of the site or institution).

Site-Specific Guides

Whether you are at your home institution, or doing an away rotation, these guides help give specific information to help you quickly hit the ground running.

Home > Medical Students > IR Rotation Survival Guide

Last updated 6/4/20