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The resources listed here are ones that will generally be useful for any medical student on an IR rotation (regardless of the site or institution). These resources are geared towards covering some of the most universal and foundational knowledge that is useful for all interventional radiology trainees.

Primer For New Trainees in IR

The primer for new trainees in IR can be accessed by clicking here.

This primer organizes some of the highest yield content into one place for trainees to access. While the primer has many sections, none of it is superfluous as all the content that is found on this primer includes information that will almost certainly come up on your rotation. Key sections of the primer are listed below:

  • Using Ultrasound For Interventional Radiology Procedures

    This video tutorial series discusses the basics of how to utilize ultrasound for interventional radiology procedures (starting from how to position the machine to tracking your needle).

  • Radiology Procedural Equipment

    Many different types of equipment are utilized on IR rotations. This page aims to make trainees familiar with some of these items utilizing instructional videos to take away some of the mystery that comes with using new equipment for the first time during a case. 

  • Obtaining Internal Jugular Vein Access

    This video series goes over how to properly gain access into the internal jugular vein at the start of a case (which often times is one of the first steps of any procedure).

Procedural Radiology: Fundamental Peri-Procedural Tasks

This guide can be accessed by clicking here.

This page includes the functional units that make up the peri-procedural workflow for most all types of radiology cases. There are many sections on this page, however they do represent unique tasks that often times are performed for every case. Key sections are listed below:

  • Fielding The Consult For A Procedure

    Often times on IR rotations trainees will be addressing requests for new procedures in real time as they try and accomplish other tasks. It is important to have a systematic approach if possible to be expedient and efficient.

  • Performing A Chart Review (Writing Pre-Procedure Note/H&P)

    It is always useful to be familiar with how to perform a complete chart review prior to a procedure. This page includes a clear breakdown of one method of doing this, while showing how to simultaneously write a pre-procedure note (template included on the page!).

How To Read A CT Of The Abdomen/Pelvis

This guide can be accessed by clicking here.

A large component of what can make IR rotations challenging can be the inability of new trainees to interpret the diagnostic imaging. This page provides a series of narrated videos that demonstrate how to read a common study that many IR patients will have: a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with IV contrast.

Other Resources

Other recommended resources include:

Home > Medical Students > IR Rotation Survival Guide > Rotation Resources

Last updated 6/4/20