The Society of Interventional Radiology Resident Fellow and Student Section (SIR RFS) is dedicated to supporting IR trainees' clinical knowledge by providing information on landmark clinical trials transforming the field of IR.

This page is under construction. We are putting the finishing touches on a database of landmark IR trials complete with informative one page summaries for easy access to this cutting edge research. Thank you for visiting.

What to Expect in the Near Future

Clinical Trial Summaries

One page documents summarizing the major takeaways of transformative clinical trials in IR. These are essentially truncated versions of the Journal Primers. These summaries are written by medical students nationwide and reviewed for publication by IR attending physicians on an ongoing basis. Interested in helping out? Learn how to apply for the Reserves of the Medical Student Council HERE

Journal Primers

Short PowerPoint presentations created by attending physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students outlining the most salient points from IR research that impacted the field as it is practiced today. This project is fueled by the Resident, Fellow, and Student (RFS) Journal Primer Team.