Welcome to the SIR RFS Biodesign Center! The Biodesign Competition is the Biodesign Committee’s flagship project. Teams of students and mentors unravel obstacles in IR and two finalists are selected to display their design prowess at the annual SIR conference in March, competing for the title of Biodesign Competition champion. In addition to Registration, this link houses Past Submissions and the educational Biodesign Webinar Series to guide you on your way to innovation success.

Too long, didn’t read? We feel you. The Short Stories in IR initiative shows off the innovative side of IR in concise, easy-to-read sketches of some of the most unprecedented, pioneering inventions in the field. For a more in-depth primer to advancements in IR, check out the Innovations in IR project! Here, we showcase the history of innovations in the field, their current uses, and potential future applications!