2020 Biodesign Competition

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Past Submissions

Interventional radiology equipment that is donated to RAD-AID is poorly tracked and takes an inefficient route to reach its final destination abroad, leading to an inability to appropriately predict or track the procedures that can be offered to patients. Our mobile platform helps to visually organize, geographically track, catalogue, and ultimately streamline the transportation process.

Equipment Tracking Solution Abstract

Team Members: Arun Chockalingam MD'20, John Moon MD'20, Nevon Song MD'22, Peter Inglis MD'21, Sam Fordyce MD'21, Sara Silberstein MD'20

ReCore was created to address the growing need for cancer treatment around the world, especially in developing countries. We are creating a reusable core-needle biopsy device that reduces cost and increases access to these fundamental procedures. In addition to the long-term cost saving benefit of being reusable, ReCore’s innovative design lowers the upfront cost of the device, reduces downtime by removing the need for servicing or repairs, simplifies inventory management, and increases access in underserved areas.

Recore Abstract

Team Members: Marley Windham-Herman MD/MBA'21, Walter Bircher PhD'21, David Dupee MD/MBA'21, Lina Kacyem MBA'21, Amelie Sutsakhan BS'16

We seek to answer the question: is there a way to minimize prolonged catheterization, and consequently, cost for hospitals and international health organizations?

Drainage Catheters Abstract

Team Members: Ross Bonnot MD'22, Kevin Malone MD'23, Michael Ninh MD'21, Shaan Patel MD'21, Colton Toups MD'23, Nate Van Horn MD'21

We designed a multi lumen guidewire to navigate tortuous vessels. The goal was to make interventions more efficient and cut costs on materials.

Telescoping Guidewire Abstract

Team Members: Shivam Kaushik DO'23, Neil Jain DO'20 mentor

We sought to identify and develop use-cases for fused-deposition modeling in the production of medical devices with an eye to the austere environment. We highlight a theoretical use case, discuss supply chain logistics related to such production and demonstrate a prototype.Check out our work.

Interventional Biodesign for the Austere Environment

Team Members: Tej Mehta MD'20, Caleb Heiberger MD'20, Stephanie Kazi MD'21, Simcha Weissman PGY-1, Mark Brown MD'21

An equipment tracking solution to help developing IR programs to both keep track of materials used regularly and lent out by other practices or hospitals.

Equipment Tracking Abstract

Team Members: Jimmy George MD'22, Ajit Koduri MD'22, Brian Rodriguez MD'22, Huynh Pham MD'22, Giri Movva MD'22

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