Upcoming Webinar

Stanford Biodesign Process and Experiences from an IR Innovator

Date/time TBD

Interventional radiology (IR) was founded on paradigm-changing, medical advancements and is full of opportunities to innovate. A common misconception about innovation is that it requires great creativity, formal engineering training, or some special inspiration to create well-crafted artifacts such as procedures, devices, or equipment. In actuality, success can be achieved through repeated practice of the biodesign process itself.The Medical Student Council (MSC) Biodesign and Innovation Committee (BDIC) would like to invite all interested medical students to learn more about the biodesign process and engage in the process using real-life clinical issues faced by IRads. Over the course of three months, participants will learn the biodesign process, hone their skills, and work in teams to solve clinical issues highlighted by IR clinicians across the country.

For more information, please see the full syllabus
We welcome any questions; please direct them to sir.msc.biodesign@gmail.com