IR Local-Regional Conference Surveys

The Interventional Radiology’s Medical Student Council created these surveys to assess students’ knowledge about the field of IR and address ways that we can improve medical school education and exposure.

The surveys are entirely voluntary and all data will be confidential and used for research purposes. The open response providing feedback for the conference you attend (question 18 on the post symposium) will be made available to the hosting institution; however, no identifying information will be included. This is meant to serve as a quality assessment and provide feedback for improvement.

Because this survey includes students/human subjects, it is extremely likely that you will need to get IRB approval/exemption at your home institution before distributing this. Please e-mail us with evidence of your IRB approval or exemption.

We strongly encourage attendees to use the online format to complete the survey. Please ask attendees to fill out the pre-symposium portion prior to attending and the post-symposium survey at the completion of the event. The survey is also available in a downloadable PDF format. If respondents choose to fill out a paper form, please mail or scan the completed surveys to:

Online Survey Links

Pre-Symposium Survey
Post-Symposium Survey

Printable PDF Versions

Pre-Symposium Survey PDF
Post-Symposium Survey PDF