The Essentials of Bedside Ultrasound Guided Procedures

POCUS project is a quick reference guide for point of care ultrasound. The idea behind the project is to outline the versatility of ultrasound and how it could serve as the perfect complement for any clinical interventional radiologist while evaluating patients bedside, more specifically for trainees on their ICU rotations. We hope this guide serves you well as you look to expand on and perfect the use of point of care ultrasound in your day to day clinical evaluation and bedside management of critically ill patients.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand the myriad of uses for point of care ultrasound and how it can be used to complement any clinical evaluation of a patient especially the critically ill patients.
  • Be familiar with the common procedural uses of ultrasound and its limitations.
  • Be able to utilize the information in this guide along with a thorough history and physical to help provide the most comprehensive care of patients while on the Critical care/ICU service.

Access the POCUS project HERE


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