Internation Outreach 1
Interviews with young foreign interventional radiologists

While the US has an ACGME accredited DR/IR program, have you ever thought of what training is like abroad? The specialty is shifting towards a clinical paradigm here in the US, but is the same happening elsewhere? Click the links below to read our interviews with foreign trainees and young IRs about their perspective on training and the standing of the specialty in their country.

Luka Novosel - Croatia

Francesco Giurazza - Italy

International IR Aid

Access to imaging technology is limited in low and middle-income countries and the lack of structured radiology training programs, in particular, presents a challenge for sustainable implementation of radiology services around the world. Many radiology training programs in the United States have partner programs overseas but there is often a lack of publicly accessible information and communication in the community, especially regarding programs that target IR specifically.

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Interviews with IMGs now practicing in the US

The journey to match into radiology is complex and challenging, so we are conducting interviews with current IMG radiology residents to learn from those who have successfully navigated this process. We plan to make their journeys available to you soon.

Gloria Salazar - MGH

Guide for matching as an international medical graduate (IMG) - coming soon

Many of us went through medical school abroad and then decided to pursue training within the United States. We understand how long, time-consuming, and expensive this process can be and how equally time consuming it can be to find quality information, tips, and advice online. This is why we are creating a guide specifically designed for IMGs pursuing diagnostic or interventional radiology training programs in the US.

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