RFS's Advocacy, Health Policy, and Economics Committee works in close collaboration with SIR's Political Action Committee (SIRPAC) to advocate for IR by supporting political candidates and current leaders.

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Get Involved!

We encourage all trainees to consider getting involved in political advocacy and encouraging their colleagues and mentors to do the same. At any level, local, state, or federal, we need you to talk with your government representatives and tell them about the full breadth of minimally invasive procedures we currently offer.

You can write letters, send emails, make phone calls. Even better, arrange for a site visit. Bring your local, state, or national official to your department and have them see what you offer. Show them the complex and elegant procedures we provide everyday to our patients.

Consider donating to SIRPAC and learning more about their current goals HERE. Trainees can also participate in SIR's Grassroots Leadership Program, a two-day program where participants attend an advocacy boot camp before taking to Capitol Hill to convey the value of IR to political leaders. Click HERE to learn more and apply.