Resident & Fellow Committees

Recruitment Committee - promote the growth and development of IR via the following initiatives:

  • Member recruitment and application processing
  • Match applicants to Committees and Service Lines
  • RFS Classes - familiarize new members with RFS
  • Collaborate with the Women in IR Committee to promote diversity
  • Collaborate with SIR and SARC to develop a universal curriculum to serve as a national model
  • Increase clinical focus on: stroke care, DVT, and CLI
  • Wound Care Clinic Competition

Communications Committee - organize, coordinate, and advertise RFS activities

  • Quarterly In-Training E-Newsletter with the Medical Student Council Communications Committee
  • JVIR E-Bulletin - short content-specific supplements to JVIR publications in print
  • YouTube Channel Maintenance
  • Webinar & Journal Club Coordination
  • In-Training ListServe Maintenance & Event Advertising

Clinical Education Committee - collect and publish educational materials

  • Journal Primers - quick review/summary of salient journal articles
  • Survival Guides - concise guides on the most commonly performed IR procedures
  • Collaborate with the Communications Committee to produce educational webinars
  • Featured Cases - collected each year for our annual Case Competition at the SIR Annual Meeting
  • Research Lecture Series

Membership Committee - oversees 7 service lines that work with the clinical education committee to produce education content related to different areas of IR practice

  • Service lines: vascular diseases, IO, peds IR, neuro IR, pain management, GI/GU/reproductive IR, and critical care
  • Coordinate creation of Webinars, Survival Guides, and Journal Primers
  • Maintain web presence ranging from creating and updating Wikipedia pages, to posting on Student Doctor and Aunt Minnie.
  • Clinical Discussions on SIR Connect
  • Collaborate with SIR's Communications Department to videotape patient stories regarding their experience with an IR procedures

IR Residency Training Committee - resource regarding training pathways, promoting the development of clinically oriented curricula

  • Created Residency Application Advice page
  • Create a universal curriculum for several IR-related rotations such as vascular surgery, surgical oncology, transplant, hepatology, medical oncology, ICU, nephrology, and OB/GYN
  • Create a pre-rotation online module to best prepare trainees for their first IR rotation
  • Plan to create guidebook detailing various IR/DR curricula, requirements, and common questions
  • The Chair of this Committee can be contacted at

Advocacy, Health Policy, & Economics Committee - promote political advocacy and knowledge of health policy and economics

  • Promote IR to political leaders and candidates via various grassroots programs. Follow us on Twitter at @IRAdvocacyRFS and get involved!
  • Participate in the SIR Grassroots Leadership Program in Washington DC.
  • Collaborating with SIRPAC to encourage the reallocation of historically funded but unused residency positions for the new IR residencies

Research & Innovation Committee - promote the training and professional development of trainees interest in research

  • Create programs to support medical students, residents, and fellows involved in medical research
  • Provide resources to learn how to design a study, acquire funding, and compose quality publications
  • Establish a community for future clinician-scientists in IR

Women in IR Committee - inspire, educate, and promote women in IR

  • Promote diversity in IR
  • Increase awareness of unique issues faced by women in IR
  • Establish a supportive community for women interest in IR via mentorship, networking events, and recruitment
  • Increase social media presence to inspire and attract more women to IR
  • The WIR Committee can be contacted at

International Outreach Committee - increase international collaboration and awareness of programs abroad

  • Identify, communicate, and learn from best practices that international and US IR programs are using to engage, educate and integrate medical students and junior residents early in their training.
  • Create an online resource to help international medical graduates to navigate the residency application process
  • Create a centralized hub for international aid projects focusing on IR outreach
  • Advocate for international medical graduates within SIR and RFS
  • Expand RFS presence at foreign meetings.

    Medical Student Council Committees

    Public Relations & Communication Committee - organize, coordinate, and advertise MSC activities

    • Quarterly In-Training E-Newsletter
    • Help oversee Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as a presence on Auntie Minnie and Student Doctor Network
    • Update Away Rotation spreadsheet resource

    Biodesign & Innovation Committee - develop and promote resources related to medical device development

    • Webinars on biodesign
    • Hackathon series
    • Provide biodesign opportunities at local symposia

    Education Committee - create resources to support medical student IR education

    • Common IR procedure videos
    • Create IR lecture series for medical students
    • Sound of IR Podcast

    Research Committee - support medical student research and education of advances in IR

    • Future of IR articles
    • Research spotlight articles
    • Compilation of summer and year-long research programs
    • Create a guide for getting involved in research as a student

    IRIG Committee - support and promote awareness of IR interest groups

    • Encourage the creation of IR Inerest Groups
    • Increase the number of local symposia for medical students
    • Update IRIG map and upcoming symposia table
    • Maintain guide for the creation of a new IR Interest Group

    Patient & Family Centered Care Committee - promote a humanistic approach to IR

    • Collect patient narratives and videos related to common IR procedures
    • Promote and develop an emerging new professional identity within IR
    • Create webinars and articles related to humanism in IR

    Diversity & Inclusion Committee - promote and increase diversity within IR for trainees as well as patients from underserved populations.

    • Promote diversity of trainees entering the field of Interventional Radiology
    • Provide IR outreach initiatives & contribute to patient advocacy within underserved patient populations
    • Collaborate with and support the efforts of the IR faculty-led D&I Advisory Group and SIR Recruitment Committee