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Join the Reserves

The SIR Resident, Fellow, and Student (RFS) section is an energetic group of IR trainees dedicated to improving and expanding educational resources and opportunities for all IR trainees. RFS is seeking ambitious trainees to advance its goals and initiatives.

For residents and fellows:

Please go to this SIR Connect page to apply for the SIR RFS Reserves below (you will need to log in to get access).

A message from the chairs:

The RFS has undergone restructuring and it will be important for you to understand the new layout. All new applicants will be placed in an “RFS Reserves” group, rather than being assigned to a committee and service line as in the past. Please note, while in the Reserves, your name will not be listed on the SIR RFS website under a specific committee or line.

Committee and Service Line chairs will email members of the Reserves group about active projects that are in need of assistance. Reserves members can then volunteer to help on any committee/service line/project she or he might find interesting. As you become involved in a specific committee or line and their projects, the chairs will let us know and you will become a member of those groups, at which time your names will be listed within that committee on the SIR RFS website until the following academic year. (Please note: This list of names will be searchable and available on the RFS website for program directors and others to see. As has always been the case, your activity within the SIR RFS will be documented on your SIR Connect profile. Also, only members active in a committee at year’s end are eligible to run for a Governing Council position.)

If at any point (project completion, change of interests, etc.) you want to return to Reserves status to hear about other committees and projects you can do so. The major benefit of this approach is flexibility for members to get involved in what they want to be involved in, rather than being assigned to a project within a committee. You will also be returned to Reserves status if you are no longer able to participate in the committee (multiple missed meetings, non-involvement in current projects, etc.), but you can always become back involved and re-listed in that or another committee!

Please ask us if you have any questions about this process or as to your current status. We are excited to have you join us and get involved in helping the SIR RFS and IR as a whole continue to move forward!

Joe Marion (SIR RFS Membership Committee Co-Chair)

Gaurav Gadodia (SIR RFS Recruitment Committee Co-Chair)

For medical students: 

  1. Complete the application to join the MSC Reserves.
  2. You will then be contacted by committees about projects and initiatives that are in progress. 
  3. If you hear about something you are interested in helping with, simply respond and start helping out!
  1. After the project is complete, you will have the choice of staying active in that committee, or returning to the MSC Reserves list and finding a new, exciting project.

How can I get even more involved?

Apply for a Position on the MSC or RFS Council

SIR members are eligible to apply for positions on the executive council for their respective section.

Residents & Fellows: We are not accepting RFS General Council applications at this time. If you are interested in applying, please visit us in September 2019 when we re-open our application cycle. For any questions please email

Medical Students: The deadline for 2019-2020 Medical Student Council applications has passed. The next application cycle opens after the SIR annual meeting, so please check back in April 2020. Please note this is a year-long commitment. For any questions please email

I'm a little too busy for that, what should I do?

Keep in touch!

The Resident, Fellow, and Student section of SIR is constantly working on projects for trainees by trainees. Make sure you join SIR as a Member-in-training to stay up-to-date about what's going on and take advantage of RFS and SIR resources! You can also read about out the benefits of joining here.