How to Start an Interventional Radiology Interest Group

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How to Start an Interventional Radiology Interest Group at Your Institution

by Brandon Mansoor, MS3, Wayne State University

If you’re a medical student considering a career in Interventional Radiology (IR) or are interested in learning more about the field, starting an interest group at your school is a great start. Many schools will already have a Diagnostic Radiology interest group in place; however, the unique patient interactions and procedure-based therapies that are the mainstay of IR make it a distinct field.

The first step to starting a successful IR group at your medical school is to seek out a faculty member willing to serve as a mentor. Then it is as easy as beginning to brainstorm and implement events. Some ideas that we’ve come up with and had success at our institutions include:

  • General Information and History of IR
  • Resident and Fellow Panel with a focus on IR
  • Procedure Focused Talks (tumor ablation, coronary artery stenting vs carotid endarterectomy)
  • A Day in the Life of an Interventional Radiologist (students tour the IR suite and discuss cases)
  • Interventional Workshops (students get to handle biopsy tools, coils, and stents)

Most schools will offer interest groups funding for events, this can help cover the costs of supplies and dinner for members. Keep your classmates informed about upcoming events in your own club and various conferences or research grants as they become available.

We also encourage IR interest groups to collaborate with other medical school IR groups in your region to host mini-conferences or to combine meetings and events.